Azravi kennel, N-1860 Trøgstad, Norway, Tlf: +47 69 82 53 50

Me and my first sighthounds: Khan, Letta and Luz

Hello, my name is Beathe Schultz. I got my first sighthound in 1986, an Afghan hound with the name "Tibesi's Azravi Khan". His nickname was Khan.
In 1988 I get my first Greyhounds, "Tibesi's Tango A Media Luz" and "Tibesi's_Tango_Violetta", they was called Luz and Letta. They was both after "Int Nord Am Can Ch Gallant Major Motion" og "Int Nord Ch Tango". Luz and Letta became early Champions and both get the title INT N S CH.

Lettis litter born april 22th 2014 (4+2)

Jaspis Letti DK Ch KBHV-13

Int Nord Ch NW-94 Azravi's Jaspis and Int Nord Ch KBHW-13 Azravi's Russian Roulette (Letti)

(Both tested free of GHN)

Colors: Males; 2 white/brindle and 2 brindle. Females; 1 white and 1 dark brindle/black

Pedigree over the litter (in Norwegian) you find HERE

Pedigree in English is available HERE

Pictures from Jaspis and Lettis litter >>>> (New pictures 04.06)

Azravi's Double Salute with big show results:

NMHKs nat. dog show 01.03.2014: BIS

NMHKs nat. dog show 02.03.2014: BIS 3

Azravi's Double Salute

Gratulations to owner Brit Dalen with great results. Here with all the jugdes at the dog show.

Our big junior stars

Spot and Joy have many wins in the show ring as juniors


Spot (DKJW-13 SEJW-13 Azravi's Double Dealer) and Joy (NJW-13 DKJW-13 SEJW-13 Azravi's Double Joy)

Spot og Joy

Spot became BOB Jr and BIS Jr and sister Joy became BOS Jr in Tamsvik 2013

N SE Ch Azravi's Russian Roulette (Letti) became DK Ch and KBHW-13

at DKK's int dog show in Ballerup 21.09.2013. She is now Int Nord Ch

Letti DK Ch KBHV-13 Letti og Radar BIR, BIM og KBHV-13

Letti BOB and KBHW-13 and her brother Radar (Nord Ch Azravi's Russian Imperial) BOS and KBHW-13 (Photo: Mats Olsson)


10 puppies, 1 male and 9 females

Int Nord Ch NW-94 Azravi's Jaspis and NO SE Ch Azravi's Shining In The Night (Diva)

(Both tested free of GHN)

Jaspis Diva

Pedigree over the litter (in Norwegian) you find HERE

Colors: Male; white/brindle. Females; 1 white, 3 white/brindle, 2 red and 3 brindle

Pedigree over the litter (in Norwegian) you find HERE

Pictures from Jaspis and Divas litter >>>>

Our new stars?


Two of the puppies, Azravi's Double Dealer (Spot) and Azravi's Double Joy (Joy). Here 4,5 months old, and they stay with us.

NO DK SE CH Azravi's From Russia With Love (Rush) became FIN Ch 30.09.2012

Letti became SE Ch at SKK's int dog show in Köping 22.07.2012

No Se Ch Azravi's Russian Roulette

Diva became SE Ch at SKK's int dog show in Malmø 17.03.2012

No Se Ch Azravi's Shining In The Night

DKK Bjerringbro: BOB, BOS and 2 x DK CH

Rush og Zorro DK ch

NO SE DK FIN CH Azravi's From Russia With Love (Rush) and NO DK CH Azravi's Russian Affair (Zorro)

A great trip to Denmark 18. sept 2011, Rush became BOB and BOG 4, and Zorro BOS.

Diva BOS at NKK Bjerke

BIR og BIM NKK Bjerke 2011

NO SE CH NW-10 Epic Genuine (Elliot) BOB and NO SE CH Azravi's Shining In The Night (Diva) BOS at NKK Bjerke 20.08.2011

INT FIN SE NO RUS EST LAT LIT CH HEW-11 FINW-11 LITW-12 Azravi's Russian Renegade (Gaby)


Gaby are Champion in 7 countries, and she is only 3 years old. Impressive

We are very proud for all the great results the Antin family in Finland have got with Gaby

SE DK NO CH DKW-11 Azravi's Russian Imperial (Radar)


Radar become SE DK Uch 04.07.2011 and NO Ch 21.08.2011

Radar also became Danish Winner 2011

Gratulerer så mye til Alexandra Malmgren, og Radar, vi er stolte av dere

NO SE DK FIN CH Azravi's From Russia With Love (Rush)


Rush became NO CH 04.06.2011, DK CH 18.09.2011, SE CH 29.07.2012 and FIN CH 30.09.2012

Congratulations to Britt Dalen for the good job with Rush

Letti NO CH 07.05.2011


Azravi's Russian Roulette, Letti, became NO CH at NKK Kristiansand

Zorro NO CH 30.04.2011


Azravi's Russian Affair, Zorro, became NO CH at Norsk Berner Sennenklubbs show in Letohallen.

Zorro's sister, Azravi's Blue Russian, Hedda, also became NO CH at the same show.

Zorro BOB and Hedda BOS. Congratulations to Trine and Vegard for a great job with Hedda.

Our belowing Chevy, Int Nord Ch Azravi's A Midsummer Night Dream, died 07.04.2011

We miss you and we will always remember the great time and joy we had together

"It's nice to be Norwegian in Denmark"

BIS2 Avlsklasse WDS2010

Azravi become BIS 2 Progeny group at World Dog Show 2010 in Denmark

Int Nord Uch Azravi's A midsummer Night Dream, Azravi's Russian Roulette, Azravi's Russian Imperial og Azravi's Russian Affair


Letti og Zorro BIR og BIM JR  BIS Avlsklasse DMK

Azravi's Russian Roulette, Letti, BOB JR and Azravi's Russian Affair, Zorro, ble BOS JR. Azravi kennel also became BIS progeny group on Sighthound special show in Denmark 2010

Diva became NO CH 04.07.2010


Azravi's Shining In The Night (Diva) became NO CH on Norwegian Sighthound Club's show in Trondheim, her 5th show

Azravi's Russian Imperial, "Radar", became BOS and get CAC on SKK's Int dog show in Gothenburg 8. January, 9 mnd old. "Radar" also became BOS and get CAC at Swedish Sighthound Club's dog show 9. January. Congratulations to Alexandra and "Radar".

Radar's daddy, Phipps, became BOS and get CAC on SKK's Int dog show in Gothenburg 7. January.

He became S Ch. Congratulations from us

Chevy became BOS and got her last CACIB on SKK's Int dog show in Växjö 30.10.2009 and became INT Nord Ch

Pictures from Chevy and Phipps litter

Pedigree Chevy (In Norwegian, PDF File) Pedigree Phipps (DOC File)

Chevy Chevy Chevy

The pictures of Chevy above is taken February 2009

Phipps Phipps Phipps

The first picture is taken in May 2009 and the 2 other pictures of Phipps is taken January 2009

Male no 5

One of the males, 16 weeks old


Azravi's Dragonhunters Fly By Night: EST Jun Ch, EST LV Ch

Azravi's Night And Day: FIN Ch

Azravi's Smokey Night: N Ch

Azravi's A Night At The Opera: N Ch

N S Ch Azravi's Midsummer Memories died 23.10.2008, we miss you

Pictures from Chevy's litter 2007

Pedigree Chevy (In Norwegian, PDF File) Pedigree Otto (In Norwegian, PDF File)

N S Ch Azravi's Midsummer Memories


Usi became N Ch on NKKs dog show in Kongsvinger 07.10.2006, and N S Ch on SKKs dog show in Gothenburg, january 2007.

Pictures from Sveas litter

BIS Breeder Fauske 1999

Azravi kennel became BIS breeder on NKK's int. dogshow in Fauske 1999.

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