Azravi kennel, Granheim, N-1860 Trøgstad, Norway, Tlf: +47 69 82 53 50

N S CH Azravi's Gemme

In memory to Gemme who died 22. January 2002

You was a specially and lovely dog. We will never forget you

N S CH Azravi's Gemme
Gemme get her first puppies June 8th 1996 with INT S N CH Guld's Towny Topstar.

INT S N CH Guld's Towny Topstar
The result was 1 male and 7 bitches. They get their names after US cars.

"The car litter" from Gemme is cosy in the sofa.  (Photo: Ivar Aanes)

We kept a red bitch from this litter, "Azravi's_Imperial_D'Elegance", with nickname Ella .

3 generations of Greyhounds. Letta, Gemme and Ella. (Photo: Ivar Aanes)
We had 3 generations with Greyhounds home, and that we was wery proud of.
April 19th 1999 Gemme get her second and last litter. She started on a courting to Trondheim  and there she meet the loverboy Kaspar, "Jet's As You Like It".
The result of this courting was 3 males and 2 bitches. They are named after songs of Elvis Presley.
On April 28th 2001, the first puppy after Gemme and Kaspar became Norwegian Champion, only 9 days after she became 2 year. It was "Svea", Azravi's Follow That Dream, who did that and we send our best regards to "Svea" and to her very proud owners, The Aastvedt family. We hope she will give us, and her owners, a lot of happy moments in the future when she enter the ring on dog shows.

The result after the courting in Trondheim.
28. April 2001 became the first puppy after Gemme and Kaspar, Norwegian Champion. It was "Svea", Azravi's Follow That Dream, only 9 days after she was 2 year, which had her first adult success in the show ring. We send our congratulations to Svea and her owners, fam. Aastvedt. We also want to send our best regards to Estonia and Mike, Azravi's Jailhouse Rock, and his owner Katrin Raie. Mike became Estonian and Latvian Champion shortly after Svea became Norwegian Champion. We hope they will continue to be good ambassadeurs for us.
Also the old lady herself, Gemme, have entered the showring again. Easter 2001 she was in Borre, a dogshow for sighthounds, and became BOO for veterans both days. Not bad for a nearly 10 years old Greyhound..

Beathe and Gemme, Easter 2001
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