Azravi kennel, Granheim, N-1860 Trøgstad, Norway, Tlf: +47 69 82 53 50


Rottweiler Clubs in Scandinavia:

Other Rottweiler Clubs:

Norwegian Rottweiler Club


Swedish Rottweiler Club

United States Rottweiler Club

Danish Rottweiler Club

The British Rottweiler Club

Kennel Clubs: Others:
Norwegian Kennel Club Berenschild Rottweilers (BE)

Swedish Kennel Club

Ambolt kennel (N)
Arcanorun kennel (N)
Russen Rottenshild, Rottweiler's kennel, Olga Grin and Sergey Laptev, rottweiler (RUS)

Danish Kennel Club

Sprettheim kennel (N)
Unafortunas kennel (N)
Wiseweiler kennel (N)


Zandonaia kennel (DK)

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