Azravi kennel, Granheim, 1860 Trøgstad, Tlf: (+47) 69 82 53 50

Litters from N CH Azravi's Grace

Born May 15, 2003

Parents: Zeno Van Het Berenschild and Azravi`s Scsi

Litter born June 26th 2006 (5 males and 3 females)
Father: KORAD Wiseweiler's Othello (Diesel) (Licenced national and international rescue dog)
(Photo: Ivar Aanes)
Grace before birth Grace and the litter
The day before birth, and... .. the day after birth.
Grace og valpene Lukter det
Mother and 8 hungry children Does it smell from her feet?
Halespising Trang sovestilling
How is the taste of this? I walk right in the wall...
Skammekroken Kommer jeg meg unna her
I had to go in the corner... Maybe I can run away this way???
Nakke i ulage Avslappet holdning
Whiplash or a sleeping style? This is a better way to sleep on!!
Sove med teppe Himmelseng
Someone like a easy carpet when they sleep .. ..others want it over the head..
Utstrekt Hvilestund
It's nice to strech a bit Relaxing after dinner
Ikke dytt Indi og valpene
Hey, dont push, stay cool... Uncle Indi checking the puppies
Grøtspisere Klinete mat
What is this? Mmm, good..
Grisete Lek med ball
Why do I need to clean my face? This was a funny thing..
Konkurrent Min ball
It's my, don't try anything Hey, it's my, beat it..
Nesten Litt til
Almost there... A little bit more...
Greide det Trangt
Did it.. They bite!!!
I biabeden Trøtt
What's up? I'm boring..
Jeg tror jeg drar Jeg stikker
I think there is something over there... I'm out of here...
Jeg måtte bare sånn God plass
sorry, but I had to... Nice with a good bed..
Første måltid ute Nesten skog her
First time we are eating out... Almost like a meal in the forest..
Er det mer igjen Mor og barn
I think I take it all Hey, mum, come on..
Kos i det fri Vanntest
Grace and the puppies in the grass I'm thirsty
Ypper du Ikke forstyrr
Take it back, else... What do you want?
Først sånn Ikke slik
Let's dance.. No, thats not dancing...
Skal kyssingen være med Spennende
Do we kiss when we dance??? What's this?
Kan den spises Skal den ristes
Strange taste.. I take it with me..
Ball med tau Slitsomt
Hey, look at this.. What? (photo: Lena Davidsen)
Snoork Felles måltid
ZZzzz.. (photo: Lena Davidsen) Eight hungry puppies
Jeg skal hjelpe deg Hva er dette
I help you with the cleening Can w get out here?
Hva har jeg gjort Vil ut
What have I do since I have to sit here? Hey, what are you doing out there?
Jeg bryter meg ut Det var slitsomt
Mabe I can eat a hole here Hot!!
Hunden Ferdinand Siesta
The flower boy.. Siesta..
Rar sovestilling Jeg fant den
Good way to sleep on? Beat it, I find the shoe first..
Besøk i valpekassen
We got visit of a nice kid to play with
sladder OK
Do you think the same thing as I do?? I don't tell you...
Lovely (Photo: Therese Werner)
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